Godox Ad-s7 Multifunctional Softbox Grid for Witstro Flash Speedlite AD200 AD360 AD180


  • $47.00
  • Save $8


Folding Octagonal Softbox produces soft and even illumination, widely used by professional or amateur photography on portraits, pets, jewelry or other products. When use it shooting portrait, will get attractive lights in the eyes. Comes three accessories- Silver Disc, Diffusion Cover, Honeycomb cover for different environment to create different effect.

- Softbox Size: 480mm
- Softbox Weight: 280g
- Aluminum Sheet Size: 148.4
- Aluminum Sheet Weight:: 50g

- 1 x AD-S7s Multi-functional Softbox
- 1 x Silver Aluminum Disc
- 1 x Silver Diffusion Cover for Softbox
- 1 x Honeycomb Cover

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